Public Order w/ Lawson Benn



Predominantly characterised by the emission of a succession of repetitive beats, Lawson Benn’s monthly Public Order show takes in jungle, blunted sonics, techno and various other UK & outernational mutations along the way.

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  • M/M-Greetings
  • Micachu-Triplove
  • Brood Ma-Well Equipped
  • 0 Come Ups-Unknown
  • Klein-Babyfather Chill
  • Amnesia Skanna-Chingy
  • Spartial-Reanimator
  • Filter Dread-Glider
  • Low Jack-Body Control
  • Morkebla-The Third Place
  • Fatima Al Qadiri-Aftermath
  • IVVO-When I Feel You Wet
  • Beppu-Chanelling Guilt
  • Felix K-Silent Money
  • The Sentinel-Toulepleu
  • The Sentinel (1)-Dig Deeper
  • The Sentinel (2)-Genesis
  • The Sentinel (3)-Pulse Of Life
  • The Sentinel (4)-Awakening
  • The Sentinel (5)-Heavy Vibes
  • Aisha Devi-Anatomy Of Light (Lakker Remix)
  • Gaika-Push More Weight
  • Hiele-Apax Pernod
  • Kelela-A Message
  • Jlin-Mansa Musa
  • Nhk Yx Koyxen-845
  • Tricky-Sun Down Ft. Tirzah (Actress Tes Remix)