The London Contemporary Orchestra w/ Edmund Finnis



The LCO (London Contemporary Orchestra) was founded in 2008 by Hugh Brunt and Robert Ames to bring contemporary classical and experimental music to a wide as audience as possible. Tune into their show to hear just that, alongside interviews and other exclusive performances.

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  • Edmund Finnis - Brother
  • Edmund Finnis - Flicker
  • Edmund Finnis - Frame/Refrain
  • Edmund Finnis - Sister
  • Edmund Finnis - Point Blank Light
  • Matthew Locke, Catherine Bott, Julia Gooding, Christopher Robson, Andrew King, Paul Agnew, Michael George, Simon Grant, New London Consort, Philip Pickett - Symphony At The Descending Of Apollo And The Gods
  • Edmund Finnis - in situ (after Locke)
  • Edmund Finnis - Colour Field Painting