Magicwire w/ Project Pablo



Notts man and beats guru Lone joins us once a month. Laying down his signature throwback hip-hop as well as newer hard-hitting techno and rave mythologies, Lone spearheaded the unforgettable R&S takeover.

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  • Wax Doctor-Heat
  • The Sun Children Project-Flux
  • Raze Of Pleasure-Global Warning
  • SVN-Dark Plan 8
  • Hedge Wazs-Ourca
  • Fantasic Man-Rhythm Algorithm
  • Keplar Sound-Petrol
  • Samo DJ-Unkown
  • Hiedelberg Project-Same Old Shit Different Day (Keith Tucker Mix)
  • Dircsen Encounter-Encounter
  • Untitled-Untitled
  • B.M.E Featuring MICHE'-Rheji Psycho-Alpha-Disco-Beta-Bio-Aqua Funk Mix
  • Dj Sneak-Keep On Groovin'
  • Capital Swing-2B
  • Chris J-Midnight Dancer
  • Project Pablo-Vibrancy Room
  • Soofle-How do you plead?
  • Tolga-UFU
  • R Wong-Life Principles
  • Hanna-Savior
  • Lemme Kno-A1
  • Outkast-Aquemini
  • Byrne & Barnes-Love You Out of Your Mind