Loose Bones



Loose Bones Radio is the musical imagination of two brothers bringing you the best of alternative music; from snotty punk to Italian library sounds, through to neurotic new wave, gothic gems and unearthed groovers from the 60s and 70s. Jump aboard the silver machine and get them bones loose...

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  • Merle Haggard and The Strangers-Stealing Corn
  • Speedy West & Jimmy Bryant-Blue Bonnet Rag
  • Stan Farlow-Hot Wheels
  • Jack Nitzsche-The Last Race
  • The Pink Fairies-The Pigs of Uranus
  • Tekashi Trucha-Donna Donna
  • Link Wray-Ace of Spades
  • Denezins-Ammonia Subway
  • Flowers in the Dustbin-Nails of The Heart
  • The Chocolate Watch Band-Gossamer Wings
  • Speedy West & Jimmy Bryant-Deep Water
  • Buddy Edmonds-Blue Jade
  • Speedy West & Jimmy Bryant-Rippling Waters
  • Stan Farlow-Devil River
  • Pete Drake-I'm Sorry
  • The Clean-Slug Song
  • Bobby Mack and Night Train-Honey Trap
  • The Friedles-When Love
  • The Coolies-What You Think
  • Sweet Mother Logic-Repeat Action
  • FUGS-Morning Morning
  • FUGS-The Garden Is Open
  • The Deviants-Broken Biscuit
  • Simple Saucer-Illegal Bodies
  • Figures of Light-It's Lame
  • Silver Apples-Ruby
  • Luke Vibert & BJ Cole-Swing Lite Alright
  • Calling Hearts-The Jungle
  • Five Or Six-Another Reason
  • Exploring Seagulls-Prefab
  • The Chuddy Nuddies-Do The Chud
  • The Flowers-After Dark
  • The Bearz-She's My Girl
  • Relatively Clean Rivers-Hello Sunshine
  • The Holy Modal Rounders-My Mind Capsizes
  • Red Rhodes-Jays Tune
  • The She-Outta Reach
  • Dr Hook-Makin It Natural
  • "Russ" Big Daddy Blackwell-The Little Monster