Loose Bones



Loose Bones Radio is the musical imagination of two brothers bringing you the best of alternative music; from snotty punk to Italian library sounds, through to neurotic new wave, gothic gems and unearthed groovers from the 60s and 70s. Jump aboard the silver machine and get them bones loose...

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  • A Clockwork Orange-Alexs Psychiatrist
  • Gianni Mazza-Wave
  • Tommorow-Come
  • One Flew Over Cuckoo-Your Not Crazy
  • Swell Maps-Robot Factory
  • The Deep Freeze Mice-Teenage Head In My Refridgerator
  • Footsteps in Hall-Untitled
  • Daniel Johnston-Some Things Last A Long Time
  • John Lennon & Yoko Ono-Remember Love
  • Bruno Nicolai-La Contressa
  • A Clockwork Orange-Cured
  • Beethoven-Symphony No. 9
  • Steve Reich-Different Trains
  • Lalo Schifrin w/ Mother Joan Bells-Thx
  • One Flew Over Cuckoo-Juicy Fruit Scene
  • Zorongo-Spanish Moog
  • C.C.C.C.-Invocation
  • Anika-I Go To Sleep
  • The Space Lady-I Had Too Much To Dream
  • Glenn Branca-Lesson No 1 For Electric
  • Rhys Chatham-Guitar Trio
  • Ultimate Spinach-Sacrafice The Moon
  • John Cooper Clarke-I Married A Monster
  • Psychic TV-Unclean
  • Pink Floyd-Lucifer Sam
  • The Count Five-Psychotic Reaction
  • 13th Floor Elevators-Rollercoaster
  • Sesame Street-Psychadelic Alphabet
  • Ten Little Indians-Unknown
  • Sunn O)))-Mocking Solemnity
  • Fred Dibnah-Unknown
  • Butthole Surfers-22 Going
  • Brainbombs-Drive Around
  • Brainbombs-After Acid
  • Galaxie 300-Strange
  • Country Teasers-Sandy