Love Drain



Writer, DJ and your host Joe Muggs locks down Love Drain for a monthly Monday morning: expect ambient, glitch, some spoken stuff and whatever other weird drone, folk or jazz he has on hand.

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  • Simon Fisher Turner-Sleepthru
  • Tammy Wynette-Stand by your Man
  • Baishe Kings-The Park
  • Be-The Journey
  • No Man-Days in the Trees (Reich)
  • Crystal Xulu-Night Swim
  • Anarchist Republic Of Bzzz-Creole Rocket
  • Thug Entrancer-Arcology
  • Healing Force Project-Cloak Device
  • Kenneth Goldsmith-Sings Baudrillard
  • Oliver Coates-The Room is the Resonator
  • M83-Ludivine
  • Third Coast Percussion-John Cage's Third Construction (1941)
  • Guy Veale-Windborne
  • David Crosby-Orleans
  • LaMonte Young & Marion Zazeela-Black Record
  • Edward Williams-Man - A Choice For The Future Of Life On Earth?
  • Einojuhani Rautavaara-Cantus Arcticus; Concerto for Birds and Orchestra; I
  • Beatrice Dillon & Rupert Clervaux-The Same River Twice
  • Death in Vegas-Transwave
  • Gultskra Artikler-Begushanu Vpered
  • Helmut Zacharias and his Orchestra-Teatime in Tokyo
  • Friends, Lovers & Family-Hyperspatial Confusion
  • The Gentlemen of Wetherspoons-Genial Ambience