Love Drain w/ Jaye Ward



Writer, DJ and your host Joe Muggs locks down Love Drain for a monthly Monday morning: expect ambient, glitch, some spoken stuff and whatever other weird drone, folk or jazz he has on hand.

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  • simon fisher turner-sleepthru
  • jon hassell & brian eno-chemistry
  • space afrika-contemplation
  • bill laswell & terre thamlitz-open url
  • hat-organic mango
  • versatile ensemble-me andres
  • popol vuh-kha-white structures 1
  • the haxan cloak-mara
  • jaga jazzist-toccata (teebs remix)
  • multi culti-multinational DNS (strand 2)
  • cos_mes-slam (edit)
  • dead can dance-the protagonist
  • dj sprinkles-grand central pt2 (72 hrs by rail from missouri)
  • urban tribe-daytime TV
  • carl craig-sleep
  • maxence cyrin-go
  • clock DVA-quarter mass psychotronic variation
  • billy margarita-2tone (broken)
  • ektoise-state vector collapse (mark fell remix 1)
  • george duke-north beach converted
  • knid-knid is not eternal
  • lorn-marooned
  • ramzi-crepuscule
  • sari rasa-bene gessetti litany against fear
  • broken life-furniture shop
  • marc boude-risperdal
  • spazhaus-yugo rocknroll session