The Low Bias Show



The Low Bias Show finds old allies Dustin and jnrknight in the control cabin embarking on a monthly sonic odyssey: subterranean tunes through to star-studded psych and pounding industrial cityscapes.

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  • Lawrence-The Opening Scene
  • Sth Nation-Yawn Yawn
  • Edgar Froese-Aqua
  • James Blackshaw-Mirror Speaks
  • Bayeruth Return-Klaus Schulze
  • Gong-A Sprinkling Of Clouds
  • Young Marco-Trippy Isolator
  • Selda-Niye Cattin Kaslarini
  • Hawkwind-City Of Lagoons
  • Ghost Note-Kapwa
  • Moon Plain-The Coober Pedy University Band
  • Pacific Horizons-The Forest Electric
  • Rokkoko Raduno-The 24 Seven
  • Ike Yard-Loss
  • Will Burns-Overload
  • Sleazy D-Trust Track
  • STL-Star Child
  • Orpheus-Waiting For Your Call
  • Expression-Ancestoral Groove (DJ Duke's Deep Groove Remix)