The Low Bias Show



The Low Bias Show finds old allies Dustin and jnrknight in the control cabin embarking on a monthly sonic odyssey: subterranean tunes through to star-studded psych and pounding industrial cityscapes.

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  • Syntonic Research-Psyccholically Ultimate Seashore
  • Robbie Basho-Tasa Jara
  • Andreas-Caverna Magica
  • Paul Nelson-Vortex 4
  • Tales Of Snow-David Lange
  • Lata Ghatan Lagi Rain-Kesarbai Kerkar
  • Linear Dance-Shadowfax
  • Adrenibah-Takamba
  • Earthdance Ballad in 7/8-Paul Winter
  • Boer Bang Min Maytha-Drakkar
  • Last Rendez-Vous - Jean-Michelle Jaar
  • Lady L-The Gregory James Band
  • Windsong-Keith Jarrett & Jan Garbarek
  • Sartori (Part II)-Flower Travellin' Band
  • The African Track-Vincent Montana Jnr
  • Journey-Powerline
  • Optimum Aviary-Syntonic Research