Lucifer Over London

Los Angeles


Power animals, shamanism, dimethyltryptamine, trepanation - is it a talk show, or an extra-terrestrial freakout? Nobody knows.

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  • Tiny Tim-Antichrist
  • ELO-Mister Kingdom
  • Bruce Haack-Invocation
  • Bourbonese Qualk-Soft City
  • Nurse With Wound/William Bennett-Duelling Banjos
  • Coil-Restless Day
  • Cabaret Voltaire-Seconds Too Late
  • Bruce Haack-The Word
  • Jimmy Smack-Hating Life
  • Elisa Waut-Russia
  • Diana Rogerson-Chant D'Amour
  • Helen Money-Every Confidence
  • Spell-Stone Is Very Very Cold
  • Roy Montgomery-Ten Beers with Five Beers at Two Guns, Arizona