Werkdiscs stalwart Luke Blair, a.k.a Lukid, comes in once a month to school us on what he’s been listening to. Expect a slow-burning, cinematic couple hours of hip-hop, epic psych, dub and synth soundscapes.

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  • Nord-Utopie
  • Neil Michael Hagerty & The Howling Hex-Oh, To Be Wicked Once Again
  • Soft Drinks-Popstars In Their Pyjamas
  • Nord-Entract
  • Jandek-European Jewel
  • Henry Flynt & The Insurrections-Sky Turned Red
  • Scott Dunbar-Memphis Mail
  • Matchez-Out To Lunch
  • Hüpnosaurus-Odüsseia
  • John F.M.-Solace (332)
  • Chris Shivers-Care
  • Patrice Scott-Do You Feel Me
  • Nochexxx-Plot Defender
  • Henry Flynt-You Are My Everlovin'
  • Roland Young-Crystal Motions
  • Mahmoud Guinia-A1
  • Mighty Threes-Sata
  • Mighty Threes-Rasta Business
  • Love Joys-Jah Light
  • Wailing Souls-Kingdom Rise Kingdom Fall
  • Blackstar-Emperor Sellasie (Feat. Bounty Hunter)
  • DJ Kane-Flair
  • DJ Krust-Soul In Motion
  • Longsy D's House Sound-Dangerous Dub