Werkdiscs stalwart Luke Blair, a.k.a Lukid, comes in once a month to school us on what he’s been listening to. Expect a slow-burning, cinematic couple hours of hip-hop, epic psych, dub and synth soundscapes.

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  • Tom Recchion-Underwater Girls
  • Albert Giménez-Extorsion
  • Ben Vince-Sax Loop 1 - Ankher
  • Popul Vuh-Take The Tension High
  • More Eaze-End Times
  • Black Zone Myth Chant-Night Chicks
  • Susumu Hirasawa-Shun II
  • Shinobu-Earth
  • Carlton-Excite Me (Dub)
  • 154-Daze
  • Alexandre Desplat-Naissance de l'amour
  • ACI Edits-3
  • John Heckle-Ahead Of Time
  • Schatrax-Turntribal
  • Kieran Loftus-No Voicemail Set Up
  • ACE-Never Know
  • Trance Yo Lie-Cosa C'e' Sotto?
  • DJ Spider-Step Out
  • Albert Giménez-Herge Forever I
  • After Dinner-Glass Tube
  • The Fall-Jazzed Up Punk Shit
  • Loosers-Crushed Into These Feet
  • Naffi-Blues For Toxteth
  • Bernard C-Ta Voix / Your Voice
  • Blancmange-Disco-A-Bomb-Bomb
  • More Eaze-A Processional
  • Black Zone Myth Chant-Zero To One