Midnight Marauders w/ Third Ear Recordings



Marsha by name and mellow by nature, MarshmeLLo takes you on a musical journey of all her influences plus a little extra. The first show ever broadcast on the station, Marsha continues to find her groove...

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  • Why Sheep?-Radiation 1
  • HM505-Explorations
  • Wbeeza-Expression of Love
  • Dopeus-Don't I Need You
  • Jason Hogans-Worm Never Dies
  • Amir Alexander-Burrow
  • Alland Byallo-Sah
  • Ahu-Shoone Ba She
  • Recast-Consensual
  • Benjamin Burnn-Plastic
  • Fillippo Blasi Fogliecci-Ting A
  • Wbeeza-Cosmic Jazz
  • Ged-Disappear
  • Jason Hogans-Sunny Grey
  • Alland Byallo-Periphery
  • Jason Hogans-Bite Lip and Carry On
  • Amir Alexander-Darkness Eternal