Midnite Madness - Live Evil Special



Midnite Madness endeavours to unearth the spirit of the ancient metal gods as well as the genre's new flesh, taking in most styles—heavy, thrash, black, speed, death, punk, doom, etc. There will be some exclusion: no nu-metal, no triggered drums, no posers and no requests. Only metal is real!

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  • Antichrist-Intro/Coven Of Evil
  • Nekromantheon-Toward Nihillity
  • Nekkromantheon-Torch Of Nero
  • Revenge-Total Agression
  • Children Of Technology-Hold Up Your Fuel
  • Em Ruinas-Burn In Hell
  • Salute-Stand Back
  • Occvita-Staring At The Lake
  • Natur-Vermin Rift
  • Obliteration-Catacomb Of Horrors
  • Morbus Chron-Death Strikes
  • Korgull The Exterminator-Possessed By Steel
  • Zom-The Depths
  • Vulcano-Death Metal
  • Pentagram-Temple Of Perdition
  • Aura Noir-Black Metal Jaw
  • Eliminator-Video Nasty
  • Satan-Trial By Fire
  • Quartz-Satan’s Serenade
  • Manilla Road-Hammer Of The Witches
  • Bunker 66-She’s Got Demon Eyes
  • Nightmare City-Nightmare City
  • Nocturnal-Rise Of The Undead
  • Deathhammer-Power Trip
  • Nifelheim-Storm Of The Reaper
  • Nocturnal Witch-Black Star
  • Lecherous Gaze-Black Star
  • Riddles-Psychedelic Power Of Engine Iron
  • Amulet-Glint Of The Knife
  • Black Magic-Death Militia