A Fist in the Face of God presents: Midnite Madness



Midnite Madness endeavours to unearth the spirit of the ancient metal gods as well as the genre's new flesh, taking in most styles—heavy, thrash, black, speed, death, punk, doom, etc. There will be some exclusion: no nu-metal, no triggered drums, no posers and no requests. Only metal is real!

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  • Demon-The Plague
  • Horisont-Unseen
  • Verberis-Charnel Vibrations
  • Rotor-Avattu Hauta
  • Initiated-World On Fire
  • Rust-Disrobe The Throne
  • Witchtrap-Brimstone In The Air
  • Death hammer-Possessed
  • Black Magic-Voodoo Curse
  • Volahn-Bonampak