Moxie & Shura



Moxie has made a name for herself as a DJ who consistently breaks ridiculous tracks. Her NTS slot sees her spinning everything from house to techno, grime, hip-hop, disco and everything else in between - always influenced by her hometown London.

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  • Prince-Let's Work (Dance Remix)
  • Adesse Versions-Pride
  • MANIK-In Walk Bourbon
  • Black Loops-Suki
  • Cosmjn-Drops
  • House Of Black Lanterns-The Smack (Mosca's Dread At The Controls)
  • Gary Gritness-Shit Back Poppin'
  • Jungle-Busy Earnin' Special Request VIP
  • Tsunga-Maris Piper
  • Benton-Brian
  • Lokiboi-1991
  • Roska-This May Take Awhile
  • Lojik-Saracen
  • Sam Gelliatry-Monochrome
  • Kendrick Lamar-Institutionalized
  • HNNY-Alby
  • Shura-Indecision (Formation Remix)
  • Moonstar-Highs And Lows
  • Braille-Ports (Ft. Angelica Bess)
  • Ghost Culture-Mouth (Shan & Gerd Janson Acid Mix)
  • Volta Cab-Your Self Seduction
  • Never Sleep-Party Girl (Disguise and MOIRE Edit)
  • Drumtalk-Ishtar
  • Fritz and Lang-Time Is Getting Me Down (Dub)
  • Lau Frank-7am
  • Chloe Martini-Volatile Dreams (Ft. Azteka)
  • Terry Urban-Pendulum Story