CDMX Tapes w/ Traxmatik & Wrack

Mexico City


Mexican record label, Naafi, settle in at NTS for a showcase of the weirdest experimentations in club culture that have bubbled to the surface of Soundcloud. Dazed rhythms converging into Jersey stutters, and tumblr-era trap for two straight hours on a Monday.

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  • unknown-WRACK
  • Six Feet Under (Gunhead Remix)-Crystal Lake
  • Take Sand-Gil
  • Felony Riddim-Endgame
  • Dinablam (feat. Kablam)-Dinamarca
  • Dramatic P-Imaabs
  • Vipera (feat. Embaci)-Dasychira
  • Orquidea T-1000 - Lechuga Zafiro
  • City Hummingbird × Optimate (Shalt Edit)-Jam City × M.E.S.H.
  • Torture (Endgame Remix)-AN System
  • Pipe Dream-Miracles
  • Art-Kala
  • Chakra-DJ Missdevana
  • Scorpion Kick (Santa Muerte Remix)-Ida Dillan
  • The Man Waits (Nahshi Edit)-Mr. Mitch
  • Novi-Mobilegirl
  • unknown-WRACK
  • Path to Exctatic Life-Lil’ Crack
  • X Y Vision-Ida Dillan
  • ooW No More-Nargiz
  • unknown-Omaar
  • Brass-DJ Missdevana
  • 西暦二七一〇年-Electric Candy Sand
  • Initial D (2nd Stage)-Broken Haze
  • How I Get It (Byrell The Great Remix)-Dawn Richard
  • Feel It-Ase Manual
  • Betraying (WRACK Remix)-Syhqa
  • Me or the Other Guy (Dirty K Remix)-Knopha
  • Parálisis-Botaz