CDMX Tapes

Mexico City


Mexican record label, Naafi, settle in at NTS for a showcase of the weirdest experimentations in club culture that have bubbled to the surface of Soundcloud. Dazed rhythms converging into Jersey stutters, and tumblr-era trap for two straight hours on a Monday.

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  • Nesstrak-N00b
  • Mock The Zuma-Crono Percutor
  • Unknown-Unknown
  • Crocat-Iso
  • Bwoon-Donner Palace
  • Aaliyah-Choosey Lover (New School)
  • Chocalope-Clunk
  • L.A. 2019 A.D.-R&D1's スーパーメトロイド
  • Kruxx-Sailin' In The South
  • Cocoina-Music's Hypnotizing
  • Mark Kloud-Thylacine
  • C-Bo-Birds In The Kitchen
  • Pieces Of A Dream-Holding Back The Years
  • L.A. 2019 A.D.-Adk's 覇王忍法帳
  • Rocko-Chips N' Dip Malou
  • Mørkeberg-Sonic Swampcraft (Roger Beattaker Remix)
  • Admin-Memories
  • A Taut Line-Warned Off
  • L.A. 2019 A.D.-Westwood's White Dragon Noodle Bar Etch - Toxin
  • Nesstrak-Khali
  • Mock The Zuma-Interceptor
  • Mock The Zuma-Saqueo
  • Siete Catoce-Roto
  • Wascal-Irie
  • Gewzer X #BB-Puppynightmare
  • Teengirl Fantasy Ft Lafawndah-Lung (Dinamarca Remix)
  • JCP Ft. Big Nango-Hablame Directo
  • Kid Masterpiece-Dat Ma Main (Extended Dirty Edit)
  • Zutzut-Unknown
  • Dinamarca-Sufrimiento
  • Endgame-Luxury Riddim
  • Diestrack-Vamo Pa La Disco (Prod By Klima)
  • J Alvarez-Regalame Una Noche Ft. Arcangel (Nelly El Arma Secreta & Dj Coffie Thong Song Mashup)
  • Unknown-RODEO (Paul Marmota CLUB Editclub Edit
  • Lechuga Zafiro-Fauxless Passinho
  • Dj Ninno-Novus Plugins
  • Erick Rincon-Kambo Groove
  • OMW-Velocidad (Imaabs Rework)
  • False Witness-Buss Up (Safe Space)
  • Sydney-Na Onda Da Percussão
  • Zutzut-Doce Horas
  • Imaabs-White Noise (Dembow Rework)
  • Drippin/Deborah Cox-Air Jordans Vs It's Over Now (Joey Labeija Edit)
  • Lao-Recepción
  • Zacmatic-Lost World
  • Super Don Miguelo-Quiero Sudar (Rizzla Crash Edit)
  • T.Y.S-Hate On Me (Prod Ac3)
  • Lito Kirino-Seguimo Sonando (Prod By The Reason)
  • Omaar-Steel Jungle
  • DJ Trabuco Ft. Nervoso-Quinto Do Mocho
  • CZ-I Don't Feel So Good (Poolboy92's Fountain Drift)
  • Dj Javier Estrada-Afrimaye Kuduro
  • El Poeta Callejero-10 Mujeres (Dj Cueheat Edit)
  • Deejay Wayne Feat Deejay Mika-Funana Di Jovas