NJinLA w/ Denzel Curry

Los Angeles


Natalie James, aka NJ in LA, is a food, music and travel personality. Every month she’ll play her favorite tracks and sit down with a rapper, artist or DJ to discuss all things culture.

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  • Ultimate - Denzel Curry
  • Lil Noid - Load My Clip
  • HO99O9 - Casey Jones
  • XavierWulf - Call Missed
  • Denzel Curry - Knotty Head (UK Remix Feat. AJ Tracey & Rick Ross)
  • The Prodigy - Breathe
  • Death Grips - Klink
  • Denzel Curry - This Life ft. Ronny J
  • Krucifix Klan - Straight from the Projects
  • Germ - Who Dat There