NATO w/ Plesk Parallel & Organ Tapes



Plesk Parallel heads up the North Atlantic Treaty Organization every 3rd Thursday - expect real emo, ballroom, digital artefacts, Limewire dubplates and hella trax.

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  • Unknown (1)-Listening To Palmistry On Skypoe
  • Unknown (2)-Breathe
  • Cyrax-Skart Up
  • ZOOTLEGZ-Str8schemin
  • Chemotex-Payphone Player
  • Tomas Urqueita-Apathetic (DJ W3C Remix)
  • Akito-Degrade Gracefully (Templeton Closer Mix)
  • Unknown (3)-Pencak Silat
  • Jeff Mills-Berlin
  • DJ Army-Play
  • Unknown (4)-Smack My Derb
  • Young Chop-Seen That
  • Organ Tapes-Chaotic Flight (Bamboo Flute)
  • GROVESTREET & Organ Tapes-To Find Where Ur True Image Pictured Lies, To Where My Bosom's Shop Is Standing Still
  • Atrax Morgue-Evisceration
  • Organ Tapes-Understated x I Remember
  • p31k36p-I'm Just Like You
  • Jason Hou-Conspiracy
  • Organ Tapes-Unknown
  • Organ Tapes-Besitos
  • Davide-Da Money
  • Unknown (5)-Lava Boca
  • Fuego-Cuando Suena El Bling (Hotline Bling Remix)