Nitetrax - Bottom Line Records Special



Manuel Zambrano, the artist behind some extraordinarily beautiful vinyl artwork and the boss of record label Citinite.

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  • ODC-Blue Screen
  • Jerzzey Boy-Pick-It
  • Sample Minded-Eternity (Eternal Mix)
  • ODC-Jam Session
  • Moore Classic Wall-Everything
  • Passion In Fashion-1-900 (eXXXplicit Vocal Mix)
  • Kim Crawford-Freedom (Vocal Mix)
  • Sample Minded-Where's The Love
  • Red Paradise-You've Got To Move
  • Red Paradise-Gator Groove
  • Hearsay, Tammy Banks-Move Yo Body, Work Yo Body (Ragga House Mix)
  • Brooklyn Underground, Ed The Red, Vivian Lee-Modern Technology
  • Red Follies-Irresistible (Cluby Dubby)
  • ODC-Take Me Higher
  • Gallery II-Real Deep Love (Lover's Mix)
  • Jerzzey Boy-Why Waste Time
  • B.M.E.-Another Lover
  • Myakka-Back Stage Blues
  • Flow-African Morning (Quadroversal Mix)
  • Evolution-State Of Mind
  • Gallery II-Mystery Life (Club Mix)
  • Groovement-Bottom Groove
  • ODC-My Mind Is Going (Total Insanity Mix)
  • Sample Minded-Time Flies
  • Jerzzey Boy-Maad Bizzy
  • B.M.E.-Play, Work, Play
  • Jerzzey Boy-Tonite
  • Carolyn Bronson-It's The Feeling (Club Mix)
  • Jerzzey Boy-Don't Take Me For Granted
  • Passion In Fashion-Body To Body (The Loft Mix)
  • ODC-Starship Discovery 2
  • Jerzzey Boy-Get Wid It
  • Jerzzey Boy-Do You Want Some More
  • B.M.E.-Falling In Love Again
  • Vivian Lee-Music Is So Wonderful