Nitetrax w/ MGUN - Chi Style



Manuel Zambrano, the artist behind some extraordinarily beautiful vinyl artwork and the boss of record label Citinite.

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  • Flashback-Extasis 2002
  • Quest-Mind Games (underground mix)
  • Jesse Saunders-It's OK (album mix)
  • Bambam-Give It To Me
  • Steve Poindexter-Computer Madness
  • Frankie Knuckles-It's A Cold World
  • Sleezy D.-I've Lost Control (House Side)
  • Farley 'jackmaster' Funk-The Acid Life (extended version)
  • Mr Fingers-Washing Machine
  • Adonis-Cool & Dry
  • Master C&j, Liz Torres-Can't Get Enough
  • Ramos-Jackin National Anthem
  • Pleasure Zone-House Nation (remastered)
  • Master C & J-Fantasize Me (dub)
  • Master C & J-When You Hold Me
  • Sweet D-Do Do It
  • Fast Eddie-Acid Thunder (Fast Thunder) (DJ T edit)
  • Mike Dunn, Md Iii-Going Nowhere
  • Farley Jackmaster Funk-Funkin With The Drums Again (Jack n the trax)