Nkisi a.k.a Melika Ngombe Kolongo heads up a monthly late slot to rattle through dozens of tracks at breakneck speed, her mixes punctuated by African club beats and tinged by the jagged edges of gabber. Expect forthcoming records from her co-founded label, NON Records.

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  • Unknown-Ewe
  • Hangar-Doom PSX Soundtrack
  • Unknown-What Did You Want From Me
  • Unknown-Unknown
  • IUY-Dunda
  • Universal Age-I Got A Rush
  • Unknown-Unknown
  • Ricardo Anilus-Yanvalou
  • Unknown-When You Least Expect It
  • Public Domain-The Puritan (The Voice Mix)
  • IUY-Dislocation
  • Angel Ho X Desire Marea-To The Cunt
  • African Scream-Unknown
  • IUY-Venus Edit
  • Unknown-Unknown
  • Unknown-Unknown
  • Blue Alphabet-Cyber Trance
  • Dark Raver-Komt Ie Dan He
  • Unknown-Unknown
  • Coupe Decale-Ambience 974 Remix
  • Unknown-Divine Justice
  • You Want Democracy-You Want Freedo