Shells Spent w/ Noble Drew Ali



Noble Drew Ali in the cockpit, laying down cinematic ambience next to assorted bangers. Expect live sessions on top of this, straight from specials at Cafe Oto.

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  • Oren Ambarchi, Massimo Pupilo & Stefano Pilia-Burn
  • Nuances-Life Is Paper Thin
  • Puce Mary-Untitled
  • Asher Levitas-Sheathe
  • Internazionale-The Basin Of Alhambra
  • Tauru Jonson & Lion Heart-Sunny Dae
  • Omas S-Ip For Partials
  • Beatrice Dillion & Rupert Clervaux-A Different River Once
  • Rezo Glonti-Budapest
  • Blue Heron-Paul's Blues
  • Internazionale-Twelve Marble Lions
  • Best Available Technology-Gold