Shells Spent w/ Noble Drew Ali & Aine O'Dwyer



Noble Drew Ali in the cockpit, laying down cinematic ambience next to assorted bangers. Expect live sessions on top of this, straight from specials at Cafe Oto.

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  • Gagarin Kombinaatti-Tiedonantaja Kirjoittaa
  • John Kenneth Nelson-Manuel Bitor
  • Yves De Mey-Ostia
  • Roly Porter-Known Space
  • Bremen-Sick City
  • Best Available Technology-Stone Glance
  • Rabit, Dedekind Cut-R&D-i
  • Fatima Al Qadiri-Curfew
  • John Kenneth Nelson-Manuel Bitor
  • John Kenneth Nelson-Z'Enfant MisArre
  • Les Stardust-Sega Lenoir