Noise In My Head w/ LNS



Noise In My Head is a freeform sonic excursion presented by Melbourne based host Michael Kucyk. Over the years the show has been responsible for displaying talent from around the globe, from artists to DJs, label heads, compilation selectors and record collectors.

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  • the other people place-it's your love
  • tim jackiw-night watch
  • sort joey-love your tracks
  • camp inc-william, this is really dubbed
  • richard h kirk-more (version)
  • transmetteur 16-f.f.y.d. ? (tenidac y.c.)
  • overmow-convulsions
  • ilaria-anima (hg ex edit)
  • quazar-day-glo
  • gat decor-passion
  • age of chance-times up (timeless)
  • steril-my homecomputer