Ziggy Devriendt is the DJ behind Nosedrip. Tune in once a month for an expert selection of any or all of the following: new age, new wave, French psych, minimal synth, post-punk and a whole lot else...

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  • Cube-Water, Tarp, Foil, Etc
  • Tanning Salon-Larsen Harbour
  • Roberto Musci-Claudio Wilhem R And Me
  • Carlos Peron-Der Funfte Tag Der Schopfung
  • 48 Cameras-Murder In My Heart She Said
  • Venessa Milano-a00303_F
  • Gurun Gurun-Tsuk Ni Te
  • Aponogeton-Music For Spaceports IV: Requiem For A Star
  • Untitled-Track 03
  • DJ Kassir-Lover Tip
  • Internazionale-Trails Of White On iPhone Covers
  • Roberto Musci-Improbably Musica
  • Patrik Fitzgerald-Scattered Villages
  • Sensations Fix-Fleetwood Mac Trip
  • 2814-Lost In A Dream
  • 48 Cameras-Shrine
  • Sea Urchin-Untitled
  • Greyghost-Deep Water, Lemurian Tides
  • Ingram Marshall-Fog Topes
  • Karina ESP-Low Red Room
  • Pump-Falling From Grave
  • Roberto Musci-Tamatave
  • Fame Circle-A Dollar Short
  • David Shea-Suite Pt1
  • Annelies MonserĂ©-Are You Going To Leave Me?
  • Les Halles-Subterranean Fortress
  • 2814-Before The Rain
  • Cosmic Jokers-Swiss - High-Lands
  • Psicodreamics-The Song Of The Living Night
  • Brannten Schnure-Vom Baum Im Hof
  • Sussan Deihim & Richard Horowitz-Jum Jum
  • David Shea-Suite Pt4
  • Lumisokea-Sybil
  • Library Tapes-A Summer By The Sea (Solo Piano)
  • Giraffe-07
  • 48 Cameras-Empty Place Of Dead Roads
  • Geoffrey Landers-Ground Zero