NTS X Carhartt WIP Radio Tour - Ghent w/ Cherrystones, Kutmah & Nosedrip



NTS and Carhartt WIP have joined forces once again for another mission: the NTS x Carhartt WIP Radio Tour – an intensive musical journey travelling through Europe.

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  • Cybe-Metaal
  • Human Flesh-My Fears Are My Only Friends
  • Bill Nelson-Birds of Tin
  • Ranvir Bassi-(8th January) Hel-lo-r-ain
  • Roland Young-Ballo-Balla
  • Shakti-Forbidden Dreams
  • Solyst-Ned Land
  • Jay Dee-B.B.E. (Big Booty Express)
  • Shoc Corridor-Khartoum
  • Awkward Corners-Pressure Drop
  • Zerkalo-I Know More
  • The Amuzikons-Unhealthy Lifestyle
  • Ruins-Sexual Desire
  • Pelican Daughters-Through The Sepulchre
  • Facit-Alan Turing
  • Subject-Be Careful
  • 45ACP-Ground To Ground
  • Coopers-Fun (Melody Mix)
  • Paschen’s Law-Magnifying Transmitter
  • Kibaro-Douleur
  • Paul Nagle-The Mesometric Effect
  • Logo-Businessmen
  • Section25-Looking From A Hilltop
  • Helena Hauff-Sworn To Secrecy Part II