Optimo is JG Wilkes & JD Twitch; record label, and longstanding Glaswegian party. You can expect a lot from their new monthly slot, sure to dig up some obscurities from post-punk, new wave, EBM, house and techno. Bags of unreleased stuff, too.

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  • Terrence Dixon-What Up 7 inch @33RPM (Tresor)
  • Carla Del Forno-What you gonna do Now (Blackest Ever Black)
  • Robert Haigh-The Colour of Red (Parts1 & 2) (Vinyl on Demand)
  • Karen Marks-Cold Cafe (Efficient Space Compilation) - Thankyou DJ Sundae
  • Sister Nancy-A No Any Man Can Test Sister Nancy (Greensleeves)
  • Die Doraus und Die Marinas-Arrividerci (Ata Tak)
  • Neil_Landstrumm-Death Bed USA_(feat_Ulrike) (Giallo Disco)
  • M&G-Boogie Tonight (Dark Entries)
  • Steve Gibbs-Evoke (Injazero Records )
  • Map of Africa-Off The Coast (Whatever We Want Records)
  • Minutemen-Self-Referenced (SST Records)
  • Sensing Fly-By Chances - PSI Fy Robot (Smallville)
  • The Other People Place-Eye Contact (Warp)
  • Equiknoxx-Really Want to Write on Her Purple Wall (DDS)
  • Katia-Io Senza Di Te (extended edit) (Mothball)
  • Brenda Ray-Dreamin’
  • Khartomb-Teekon Warriors
  • Dashiell Hedayat-Cielo Drive (slight edit)
  • Michael Liggins & The Super Souls-Loaded Back
  • Edgar Broughton Band-Out Demons Out
  • Inoyama Land-Pokala (remix)
  • Yasuaki Shimizu-Crow
  • Albert Ayler-Message
  • Alice Coltrane-Om Rama
  • Ø-Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun
  • Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe-Heart Of Sogguth
  • Fantastic Twins-Construction D’un Igloo
  • TCP-At The Waterhole (Wolf Muller edit)
  • Actress-Dancing In The Smoke
  • People Like Us-Nobody Does