PAN w/ M.E.S.H.



Bill Kouligas’ label PAN have their own monthly slot on NTS with which to batter us into submission with a succession of deconstructed club juggernaughts. The gothic palette of industrial comes to the fore, coupled with ultramodern techno sound design and a worldwide view to rhythm and dance. Non-stop belters.

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  • coil-switches
  • gvasdnahr-through mists and ruin
  • shalt-unconfined
  • moro-caretango / valentina
  • tomás urquieta-koob
  • dreams-jack knife
  • holloway-temporal rift
  • ploy-sala one five
  • lsdxoxo-xxx angel dust xxx
  • why be-late tink touched
  • busiswa ft. uhuru & dj b-lahla
  • moslem priest-double a
  • imaabs-nomad
  • tomás urquieta-manuscript
  • m.e.s.h.-epithet x mc bin laden via lane
  • kablam-nu metall
  • ling-jezmonite
  • na-na in a mood
  • iydes-skin
  • kid antoine-bodypaint
  • gemeine gesteine-Untitled
  • zuli-dr. beckett
  • KΣITO & renick bell-rehearsal 151218
  • lisbent-selvmordsriddim
  • skinny puppy-assimilate (original demo)
  • fatima al qadiri-battery
  • tf-chino amobi and natasha bedingfield discuss vaginal architecture
  • jackson and his computer band-oh boy
  • dave bixby-666