Kasra V & Mount Liberation Unlimited



Kasra Vaseghi homes in on feel-good music: from disco to Balearic, Chicago or Italo house, Iranian disco and other misfits from the Middle East. Featuring guests including forgotten legends, local heroes or avid collectors.

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  • Ingrid Chavez-Whispering Dandelion
  • Art Of Noise-Opus For Four
  • One Dove-White Love (Slam Mix)
  • Hanna-Being
  • Ingrid Chavez-Elephant Box
  • Sven Vath-Harlequin Plays Bells
  • MCL-Communicate (Raizormaid Mix)
  • Jail Break-Mentality
  • LFO-Sonic Attack
  • Fortran 5-Xx21
  • One Dove-Transient Truth (Old Toys Dub)
  • Gat D├ęcor-Passion (Naked Mix)
  • Man With No Name-From Within The Mind Of My 909
  • Gherkin Jerks-Strange Creatures
  • DJ Normal 4 & Bufiman-Wind Spell (Normal 4 Version)
  • Jon Wayne-Blue Green
  • Fabiano De Namisce-Mantis
  • Prins Thomas-E
  • Soul Reduction-Got To Be Loved
  • MLU X FIO-Untitled
  • Blue Boy-Funky Friday
  • Love Delux-Cool Breeze Over The Montains (MLU Boogie In The Garage Mix)
  • Man Tear-Outside Amore
  • Unknown-Unknown
  • Claudio Coccoluto-Dio Sole
  • Donny Benet-Working Out
  • Zanzibar Chanel-Beauty And The Beast
  • Unknown-Unknown
  • Unknown-Unknown
  • Kendrick Lamar-Yah