Kasra V



Kasra Vaseghi homes in on feel-good music: from disco to Balearic, Chicago or Italo house, Iranian disco and other misfits from the Middle East. Featuring guests including forgotten legends, local heroes or avid collectors.

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  • SVEN VĂ„TH-L' Esperanza
  • Bill laswell-Upright man
  • Sapho-Methylene
  • LOW MOTION DISCO-Frantic Low Moment
  • Oh No-Oxcity Sickness
  • Alan Tew-The Build Up
  • Deep space network-Zenn La
  • Susumu Yokota-Gekkoh
  • Planetary Assault Systems-Railer (Further Exploration)
  • Phonem-Bitstream
  • John T. Gast-White Noise/Dys
  • Stefan JAss-3