The Paradise Show w/ Thomas Theodore



Kasra Vaseghi homes in on feel-good music: from disco to Balearic, Chicago or Italo house, Iranian disco and other misfits from the Middle East. Featuring guests including forgotten legends, local heroes or avid collectors.

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  • Herbert-Around The House
  • Ace-How Long
  • Axelrod, David-The Human Abstract
  • Spacek-When The Band Begins To Play
  • Seawind-Free
  • Sean Khan, Omar-Don't Let The Sun Go Down (4Hero remix)
  • Spacek-When The Band Begins To Play
  • Wholesale Hip Hop Beats-Hip Hop Beat 322
  • Wayne Snow-Drunk
  • Mark E-R&B Drunkie
  • Charlotte Oc-Hangover (Moodymann remix)
  • The Supremes-Come See About Me (single version (mono))
  • Arch Rivals-Planet Clap Trap
  • Steely Dan-Do It Again