The Paradise Show w/ Thomas Theodore



Hosted by Kasra V, The Paradise Show homes in on feel-good music: from disco to Balearic, Chicago or Italo house, Iranian disco and other misfits from the Middle East. Paradise Show has the odd guest, be they forgotten legends, local heroes or avid collectors.

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  • Herbert-Around The House
  • Ace-How Long
  • Axelrod, David-The Human Abstract
  • Spacek-When The Band Begins To Play
  • Seawind-Free
  • Sean Khan, Omar-Don't Let The Sun Go Down (4Hero remix)
  • Spacek-When The Band Begins To Play
  • Wholesale Hip Hop Beats-Hip Hop Beat 322
  • Wayne Snow-Drunk
  • Mark E-R&B Drunkie
  • Charlotte Oc-Hangover (Moodymann remix)
  • The Supremes-Come See About Me (single version (mono))
  • Arch Rivals-Planet Clap Trap
  • Steely Dan-Do It Again