Patrick Forge



Tropical rhythms, devotional boogie and soulful shenanigans with a heavy jazz undertone, Patrick Forge gathers it all up for your listening pleasure.

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  • John Ellis-Flight
  • Joseph Leimberg-Interstellar Universe
  • Tommaso Cappellato-Fly (feat. Nia Andrews)
  • Khari Cabral & Jiva-78 & Sunset
  • Bembe Segue-Jammin' With Pleasure
  • Wutrio-Hello Hoppel
  • Byron Morris & Unity-Panamanian Aire
  • Pat Metheny Group-The Way Up Part 4
  • Alain Bellaiche-Sea Flourescent
  • The Sonny Crisis Orchestra-Daughter Of Cochise
  • Tito Puente and His Orchestra-Mambo Beat
  • Louie Ramirez-Rush Hour In Honk Kong
  • Raiz Candeia-Saudacao A Toco Preto
  • Julien Babinga-Mbongui-Percussions
  • Metro Area-Honey Circuit
  • Edwin Hawkins Art Seminar-Emmanuel
  • Yussef Kamaal-Lowrider
  • Summer Soft-Jackie Paris
  • Jack McDuff-Magnetic Feel
  • Vibration Black Finger-Ofilli
  • John Ellis-The Ladder
  • Weldon & The Katz-Music Is The Key