Patrick Forge



Tropical rhythms, devotional boogie and soulful shenanigans with a heavy jazz undertone, Patrick Forge gathers it all up for your listening pleasure.

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  • Larry Heard-Genesis
  • Hal Galper-This Moment
  • Emin Findikoglu-Cecen Kizi
  • Nada-Journey To The South
  • Antibalas-Tattletale pt1
  • Tony Allen-Hustler
  • Ahmadu Jaar-Kathung Gbeng
  • Byron Pope-No Boundaries
  • 4s of 4-4 - Amina Claudine Myers-3
  • Horace Silver-Finding Good Rules To Live By
  • Buddy Montgomery-Ties
  • Ronin Matlock-I Can't Forget About You
  • Anglo Saxon Brown-Call On Me
  • Brenda Russel-Think It Over
  • Sylvia St. James-Motherland
  • Ernie McKone-Rainbow Rising
  • Roman Andren-Land Of The Two Suns
  • Gene Harris-Theme For Relana
  • Ronnie Foster-Fly Away
  • Isao Suzuki-Bamboo