Patrick Forge



Tropical rhythms, devotional boogie and soulful shenanigans with a heavy jazz undertone, Patrick Forge gathers it all up for your listening pleasure.

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  • DaymĂ© Arocena-Nueva Era
  • Higher Feelings-I Wanna Stay High On You
  • Jan Akkerman-Streetwalker
  • Bill Laurance-U-Bahn
  • Ramsey Lewis-Eternal Journey
  • Cy Gorman-Cool Change
  • Toni Esposito-L'Eroe Di Plastica
  • The Rebirth-Show 'Em
  • The Rebirth-By Design
  • The Rebirth-Religion To Me
  • Native Dancer-Love
  • Eska-Shades Of Blue
  • Moacir Santos-Kathy
  • The Ben Cox Band-When Ends Appear
  • Starbuck-A Fool In Line
  • Ed Motta-1978
  • Ed Motta-Ela Disse Sim
  • Ed Motta-Patidid
  • Vince Andrews-The One Who Needs You
  • The Brass Company-Alias Buster Henry
  • Lloyd Mcneill-Griot
  • Jimmy Ponder-Chasing That Face
  • Chrisitian Gaubert-Sweet Maryline