Paul Cross w/ Mos Davis & Joe Europe Guest Mix



Paul has been in the DJ world & music business since the early 90's, working in various record shops since the age of 17 and clocking in 15 years at DMC he has a massively wide and eclectic taste in music as a result. He now works at Flashback records in London and hosts his own show with us, as well as being part of The Hot Selection.

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  • The Light Of Saba-Africa
  • Fela Kuti-Jeun K'oku part I
  • Fela Kuti-Jeun K'oku part II
  • Roland Alfonso-Jazz Ska
  • Sefu Yohannes-Mela Mela
  • Dr Who Dat-Unknown
  • Buckshot Lefonque-Breakfeast @ Denny's (Showbiz Remix)
  • Lootpack-Loopdigga
  • Taylor McFerrin-Postpartum
  • Flying Lotus (feat. Kendrick Lamar)-Never Catch Me
  • Unknown-Unknown
  • World Of Batter-The Horse I Rode On Is Dead
  • Isolee-Beau Mot Plage
  • Actress-Maze
  • Ruf Dug-Ruff Day's Out
  • Voiski-Wax Fashion
  • Steevio-Until My Heart Stops
  • Tin Man-Falling Acid
  • Triptych-Semerka
  • Four Tet-Parralel Jalebi
  • KM & MM-Unterwegs Mit Cash Von St. Vinzenz
  • Kassem Mosse-Workshop 3
  • Zapp-More Bounce To The Ounce
  • Silk Rhodes-Face To Face
  • Ingram-Unknown
  • Pariah-Rift
  • Clap! Clap!-Ashiko (Lurkah Obeah)
  • Pedro123-Coolant VIP