Paul Cross



Paul has been in the DJ world & music business since the early 90's, working in various record shops since the age of 17 and clocking in 15 years at DMC he has a massively wide and eclectic taste in music as a result. He now works at Flashback records in London and hosts his own show with us, as well as being part of The Hot Selection.

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  • Flako-Twelve O'Clock Shadow (feat. Miguel Atwood Ferguson)
  • Low Leaf-As One
  • Smurphy-Jardin
  • Knwxledge-Nverending
  • Marcel Lune-Eight Legged Elephant
  • Funkadelic & Soul Clap-Peep This
  • Marcel Lune-Cali 96 (feat. Lee Laamz)
  • Knxwledge-Jstowee
  • High Wolf-Girls Amen
  • Tribe-Farewell To The Welfare
  • The Sorcerers-Elephant
  • The Pharaohs-Freedom Road
  • Yusef Lateef-Live Humble
  • Ocho-Hot Pants Road
  • High Wolf-Wild At Heart
  • The Gaslamp Killer Experience-Nissim
  • Bishop Nehru-Harmony In A Glass
  • Black Moon-I Got Cha Opin
  • Jon Lucien-The Ghetto Song
  • The Darktaris-Musicawi Silt
  • Smurphy-Missing2MyBB
  • Flako-Kuku
  • Garden Of God-Juno 2
  • Steve Cobbie & Trudie-We Start Over
  • Jose Padilla-Day One
  • Joozif-Sonar
  • Marcel Lune-Gully State
  • Cuartero-Liquido
  • Marcel Lune-Fantazia (feat. Haze)
  • Debbie Debb-When I Hear Music (Instrumental)
  • Jo Tongo-Jangala