Paul Cross



Paul has been in the DJ world & music business since the early 90's, working in various record shops since the age of 17 and clocking in 15 years at DMC he has a massively wide and eclectic taste in music as a result. He now works at Flashback records in London and hosts his own show with us, as well as being part of The Hot Selection.

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  • Mandingo-Black Rite
  • Chambers Brothers-Funky
  • El Michels Affair-Iron Maiden
  • Marcel Lune-Cali 96
  • Sarah Williams White-Winter Sun
  • Bastien Keb-Down Shoe Gum
  • Ruby Rushton-Room With A View
  • P.E. Hewitt Jazz Ensemble-It's Got Two Names, And That's Alright
  • Alice Clark-Don't You Care
  • Doris Duke-Woman Of The Ghetto
  • Unknown-Unknown Dubplate
  • Ismael Quinones-A Brojas
  • Tom Croose-Cho Chua
  • Pat Thomas & Kwasibi Area Band-Mewo Akoma
  • Fudge Fingas-Escape
  • Marcel Lune-Ride
  • Voom:Voom-Ginger & Fred
  • 2562-Embrace
  • Marcel Lune-Gully Rhythm
  • Jazzanova-Days To Come
  • Nick Menassah-Untitled
  • Galak Spiritual-Merciful
  • Half Pint-My Land Lord
  • Studio 2-I Don't Care Call The Cops
  • X Project-Jah Set It
  • Dillinja-Sovereign Melody
  • Omni Trio-Renegade Snares