The Pentagon Faceslap



The Pentagon Faceslap’s Ethan Saunders & Tim Smith play dusty hip-hop, soul, no wave, Krautrock and more.

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  • Rain-Cold Cane
  • Tony Williams-There was a Time
  • Dickie Landry-Fifteen Saxophones
  • Palais Schaumburg-Eine Geschichte
  • Fire from Heaven-Another Coke
  • The Byrds-I See You
  • Blue Phantom-Distillation
  • The Watts Propets-Pimpin, leanin and Feelin
  • Larry Young-Pavvan
  • Eddie Gomez-Down Stretch
  • Wayward Suns-xx
  • J.B Pickers-Freedom of Expression
  • White Label-Miracles
  • Gil Evans Orchestra-Little Wing
  • Joe Chambers-New World
  • Miles Davis-Black Jack Johnson
  • Lounge Lizards-Voice of Chunk
  • Robert Fripp-1984
  • Etcetera-The Really Great Escape
  • Short Term Memory-Effect of Excess
  • DITC-Rap Game