Perfect Sound Forever



Perfect Sound Forever trips us out once a month with a typically glistening range of psych, kosmische, drone, ambience and more. See you on the astral plane.

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  • Paris, Texas-Excerpt
  • Date Palms-Yuba Source 1
  • Yo La Tengo-Saturday
  • Seigen Ono-The Pink Room
  • Tom verlaine-Depot
  • Ry Cooder-Parix, Texas
  • David Crosby-Laughing
  • John Zorn-Anulikwutsayl
  • Vakula-For Jim
  • David Lynch-The Pink Room
  • John lurie-Chaucer Street
  • Hector Zazou-First Evening
  • Sir Richard Bishop-Dream Of The lotus Eaters
  • Plankton Wat-Toward the Golden City
  • Steve Gunn & Mike Cooper-Pena Panorama
  • Bruce Kaphan-Clouds
  • The necks-Sex
  • Blue Heron-Pauls Blues