Perfect Sound Forever



Enter the reveries of Perfect Sound Forever - a two-hour excursion through the various strains of psych, dream-pop and all kinds of ambience; from film soundtracks through to old cassettes... Deep music primed for late night listening.

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  • 555-The Sun
  • Suso Saiz-The Guardian
  • Vox Populi!-Zen Dub
  • Mallinder, Stephen-Del Sol
  • Mannequin-Scattered thoughts
  • Lovesliescrushing-Suischre
  • Vito Ricci-The Ship Was Sailing
  • Seahawks-Oh baby
  • Love Peace & Trance-Dawn
  • Tim Blake-Metro logic
  • Remember-vegan  steak  from  another  planet
  • Cocteau Twins & Harold Budd-Memory Gongs
  • 2814-一緒に私たちは、市内の遺跡を歩く
  • Sand Circles-Distant Lights/Innercity Haze
  • Future Beat Alliance-Lost Souls
  • Telepath-超越愛好家
  • Neozaire-Colour Me Grey
  • Legendary Hearts-Vanishing point
  • Regional Curse-Conversion Therapy
  • Cabaret Du Ciel-Raintears