Perfect Sound Forever w/ Gabi



Perfect Sound Forever trips us out once a month with a typically glistening range of psych, kosmische, drone, ambience and more. See you on the astral plane.

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  • 尾島由郎-Float On
  • New Dreams Ltd.-Blue Earth
  • Gigi Masin-Know
  • Piotr Kurek-Organs Slide
  • Eno Moebius Roedelius-The Belldog
  • Dunkelziffer-Retrospection
  • Ishinohana-Delta
  • トリニティー無限大-私の腕の中で
  • Roberto Musci & Giovanni Venosta-Nexus On The Beach
  • Klaus Krüger-In the Meantime
  • [PHYSICS]-How Deep
  • The KLF-Madrugada Eterna
  • A.R. Kane-Sperm Whale Trip Over
  • You-E-Night
  • Joel Graham-Geomancy
  • Avalon Emerson-The Frontier (High Desert Synthapella)
  • Marie Davidson-Kidnap You in the Desert
  • Lena Platonos-No. 9 (Red Axes Remix)
  • XEX-Trust in machines
  • Manta-Binary Glade Pt.1