Melon Magic w/ Powell



Late night pratting around with Powell and friends to pungent acid, fruity new beat and mouldy old bits that have gone a bit blue in the bowl. Guest mixes from the world’s biggest weirdos most months.

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  • Theo Burt-Gloss Speaker Mix
  • Unknown-Unknown
  • Big Keith-OK OK OK
  • Gene Hunt-Unknown
  • Kommando 6-Don’t Be Afraid
  • Dexter-I Don’t Care
  • Laurent-Untitled
  • Silent Servant-The Servant
  • Savage Grounds-On Set 1
  • Evol-Unknown
  • Cheny-Rape
  • Paranoid London-Eating Glue
  • New Zone-Unknown
  • Espendor Geometro-Frankcontridor
  • James Jack Rabbit Martin-Only Wanted to Be
  • The Project-Move It Baby
  • Evol-Do These Eight
  • Acidliner-Funkhouse
  • Unknown-Kuvio
  • Underworld-Born Sleeping
  • Unknown-Unknown