Melon Magic w/ Powell



Late night pratting around with Powell and friends to pungent acid, fruity new beat and mouldy old bits that have gone a bit blue in the bowl. Guest mixes from the world’s biggest weirdos most months.

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  • In Aeternam Vale-J'ai Mangé des Nerfs
  • Nitzer Ebb-Come Alive
  • Unit Moebius-Quartz
  • NHK-845
  • U Tek-Das Mass Der Dinge [House to Solid Mix]
  • Daniel Avery-Water Jump
  • Killing Joke-Bloodsport
  • Force Staccato-Staccato
  • Leo Mas & Fabrice-Bellissimo
  • 20-Acid To Body [Pillentanz Mix Eins]
  • Powell-Untitled
  • Gavin Russom-The Purge
  • Ministry-So What
  • Die Krupps-Germaniac [English Version]
  • Severed Heads-Dead Eyes Opened
  • Car Skid and Crash-Arizona
  • Charles Manier-At the Bottle
  • Powell-Club Music [Ancient Methods 'Pogo im Säurebad' Remix]
  • Dirty Harry-D'Bop
  • Powell-Untitled
  • Suicide-Johnny
  • Green Gums-ZoZoMoNo -
  • Juju & Jordash-XXXXXXXXX
  • Nun-Evoke the Sleep
  • Powell-Should've Been a Drummer
  • U Tek-Das Mass Der Dinge [Masslos Mix]
  • The Exaltics-Downwards
  • Ancient Astronaut-SSCS