Prosumer & Fudge Fingas



Berlin techno aficionado Prosumer lays it out for all the wannabes. A harmonious lecture in house and soul, Prosumer’s here to share.

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  • John Foxx-Mr No
  • Tubeway Army-We Are So Fragile
  • Nel Oliver-You Are My Dream
  • Beginning Of The End-Trip To Nowhere
  • Universal Togetherness Band-Try Try Try
  • Kenny Graham's Afro-Cubists - Jump For Joy
  • Tony Allen-Crazy Afrobeat
  • Sad City-You Will Soon Find That Life Is Wonderful
  • Bert Jansch and Martin Jenkins-Cuckoo
  • Mike Cooper-Po Mahina
  • Khruangbin-A Calf Born In Winter
  • Woo-The Attic
  • Shintaro Sakamoto-My Memories Fade
  • Gamayun-Legli Tumanom
  • Les Gracies-Low Doses
  • Don't DJ-Southern Shore
  • Lord Of The Isles-Three 2BU
  • C Duncan-Do I Hear
  • Being-Muse
  • Mother-Miles Behind
  • GLS-Sunset Over Innocent Railway
  • Juan Pablo Torres-Noturno Op1
  • Cabaret Voltaire-Kino 5
  • The ZZZZZ-Europium
  • Melchior Sultana-If Only