Berlin techno aficionado Prosumer lays it out for all the wannabes. A harmonious lecture in house and soul, Prosumer’s here to share.

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  • Chet Baker-I Get Along Without You Very Well
  • Betty Hutton-It Had To Be You
  • Fleetwood Mac-Songbird
  • Steptime Orchestra-Robofriend
  • The Arms Of Someone New-The Turning
  • Looky Looky-The Handoff
  • Nick Chacona-Meso Loco (Brennan Green version)
  • Nigel Hayes-Back Together (Abacus remix)
  • Freestyle Man and Morris Brown-Smoek City
  • Jori Hulkkonen-Nightwalking
  • Brooks-Paradise
  • Ziur-Nails
  • Equiknoxx-Fly Away
  • Ace Tee-Bist du down?
  • Disconnection-Bali Hai
  • Basil Kirchin-Silicon Chip
  • Clifton Dyson-She's A Playgirl
  • Art Alfie-A Blues
  • John Martyn-Dealer
  • Black Candy-Gravediggers Blues
  • Orange Juice-Scaremonger
  • Cat Stevens-Was Dog A Doughnut?
  • Gigi Masin-Clouds
  • Suzanne Kraft-Roberto & Giovanni
  • Motion Sickness Of Time Travel-Summer Of The Cat's Eye