Radi Dadi



New jack swing, 90s hip-hop, R’n’B and garage from the one like Radi Dadi, the girl who sprints around London town from DJ set to DJ set.

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  • Pharrel Williams-Mr. Hunter
  • Ready For The World-Yo That's A Lot of Body
  • Mac Band-Roses are Read
  • Mariah Carey-Make It Happen
  • Ryan Leslie-Your Not My Girl
  • Soul II Soul-Keep on Movin
  • Lucy Pearl-Dance Tonight
  • En Vogue-Hold On
  • Kut Klose-Get Up On It
  • Johhny Gill-Rub You The Right Way
  • Henry D & The Boyz-We've Got Our Own Thang
  • Pebbles-Mercedes Boy
  • Janet Jackson-Miss You Much
  • Janet Jackson-All For You
  • Shai Waiting-For The Day
  • Nicole Wray-If I Was Your Girlfriend
  • The Dream-Ditch That
  • Solange-Losing Your Way