The Numero Group



Chicago-based archival record label, The Numero Group, host a deep-digging once a month show. Expect comprehensive round ups from their crates, picking out the best old music and reissues, as well as some jubilant nerdy record chat.

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  • Flying Burrito Brothers-Christine
  • Red Rhodes (bed music for intro)-Lunar Nova
  • Jimmy Carter-Summer Brings The Sunshine
  • Mistress Mary.-I Don't Wanna Leave You
  • Plain Jane-Num-Bird
  • Dan Pavlides-You're Running Wild
  • Kenny Knight-Does He Hide
  • Kathy Heidiman-Need
  • Mike & Pam Martin-Do It Right
  • Bill Madison-I Don't Know Why
  • Jeff Cowell-Lucky Strikes & Liquid Gold
  • Jeff Cowell-Mr. Universe
  • Jeff Cowell (1)-Jake Lake
  • Jeff Cowell-We All Know
  • Deerfield-Rio Grande
  • Black Canyon Gang-Acapulco Gold
  • Allen Wachs-Dancer
  • Arrogance-Jeeta Queen
  • Arrogance-To See Her Smile
  • White Cloud-Thanks For Nothing
  • Roll it Over-Ethel Ann Powell
  • FJ McMahon-Sister Brother
  • Sandy Harless-My Guitar
  • Angel Oak-Hey Girl
  • And The Fiddle Ceased to Play-Doug Firebaugh
  • Grateful Dead-Hey Little School Girl
  • Donald and The Delighters-The Elephant Walk