Radio Jiro



Radio Jiro is the two hour show of artist Jiro Bevis, every 4 weeks, Monday 2-4pm. The show features a wide variety of sounds from across the globe with previous specials covering themes such as Meditation, Italian, UK punk, Japanese Techno-Pop, Library and French.

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  • Bill Nelson-Contemplation
  • Mori-Ra - Kanwaza Cross
  • Nemesy-Touch
  • Loredana Bertè-Ti Piacerebbe
  • Pino Donaggio-Telescope
  • Steve Beresford-Comfortable Gestures
  • Abel-Impossible (Edit)
  • Yukihiro Takahashi-Metaphysical Jerks
  • Sombrero Galaxy-The Edge Of Space Part II
  • Bell Towers-Night Train To Nowhere
  • The Pilotwings-Cours-la-Ville
  • Korja-My Mind
  • Focus-Hay-Hay
  • Sandée-Notice Me (Notice The House Mix)
  • Kiki Dee-Another Day Comes (Another Day Goes) (Nightmare Dub Mix)
  • Young Wolf-Kabuki (Spiritual Version)
  • Agua Re-Holy Dance (Large Sound Mix)
  • The League Unlimited Orchestra-Things That Dreams Are Made Of
  • Yellow Magic Orchestra-Be A Superman
  • Rexy-Don't Turn Me Away
  • Anatoli Kulikov-Journey Into the Past